New to HamSphere

Sooo…I recently signed up for HamSphere several days ago, having known Kelly for many years now and wanted to sign up for his system, which is pretty amazing. A true simulation of HF, and all you need is a PC or mobile phone, and internet connection.

For the €30 cost, it is a bargain to any amateur around the world who cannot put up antennas or go mobile, but still wants to get that “HF feel” during their QSOs.

So, a bit about me. I have been an amateur for 11 years, first M3, then 2E0 then finally passed the Advanced Amateur Radio Examination (M0 prefix) in Summer 2009. Since passing the Full licence, I have not been active on the bands as have been living in an apartment where it is difficult to erect any sort of vertical or wire antenna apart from a 15m dipole which I throw out during good conditions.

I mainly focus on my interest of FM DXing and have a 5 element Triax FM5 antenna pointing South towards NW France and Spain and do pretty well during tropo, and have received many stations from the North Coast of Spain and the Northern tip of Portugal. I have a Sony ST-SB920 radio which has narrow filters in it for that bit of extra DX pulling power!